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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Campaign Update—Orentlicher for Congress

We kicked last week off at the Spencer County Democrats’ Jefferson-Jackson lunch in Chrisney, spoke with voters at the home of Nancy and Michael Drake in Evansville, joined Dubois County Democrats for their Truman Dinner in Jasper, and ended the week with St. Patrick’s Day festivities in Terre Haute—walking in the afternoon parade and attending the St. Patrick’s School holiday party in the evening.

At all of our stops, we are meeting thoughtful voters who are very much engaged in this year’s elections and enthusiastic about our campaign. They are more than ready for a representative who will listen to their concerns and work on their behalf in Washington. For example, we need much greater investments in infrastructure upgrades so we can restore our crumbling roads and bridges, ensure that our water is safe to drink, and create good-paying jobs. Unfortunately, the 8th District’s incumbent is more interested in partisan posturing than addressing constituent needs.

Please do not hesitate to let me know of ideas you have to improve public policy. You can reach me at

For more information on our campaign, you can follow us on our Facebook page and at our website.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Campaign Update: Ron Drake for Congress

February 28, 2016
                 P.O. BOX 444
                 SULLIVAN, INDIANA 47882
                 (202) 365-8262   

Today Ron Drake, 8th District Democratic Party candidate for Congress, reported that he has received a copy of a Campaign Update from Orenlicher for Congress, dated February 23, 2016.  That update states:
We [Mr. Orenlicher] formally filed our candidacy on February 5 for the May 3 Democratic primary, and we do not face any serious opposition for the nomination.  That will allow us to focus on the November general election.